How Do You Get a Boy to Like You – 3 Basic Steps!

Are you feeling a tickling sensation in the stomach whenever the guy next door passes by? Is that a feeling that you have never had before and can’t even express in words? That is love for sure and you will be happy to know that the love bug has bitten you hard. Why are you troubled then? Oh, the guy doesn’t like you, right? Do not worry about how do you get a boy to like you – there are simple tricks that you can apply on your dream man and you will soon be his dream girl!

how do you get a boy to like you

  • Be noticed:

That is the first step that you need to do. Unless you are noticed, you do not exist at all. So, by hook or by crook, make him see you. If you cannot make him turn his head towards you, you will never be able to make him yours. And being noticed is not a very difficult job for women, especially when it comes to the visual creatures like the boys, who are easily convinced by a little bit of makeup and confidence.

This also includes making him understand that you are available. Hang out with girl-friends or let him know that you are single. If you are worried how do you get a boy to like you then you must drop hints that you are readily available to hang out with him.

  • Be friendly:

Guys do not like grim and serious gals. If you want his attention, you have to consciously laugh, be a little flirty. You must be friendly with him in order to know him more and make him know you. Tease him a little, guys just love that! Participate in his jokes and never ever make the mistake of reacting! The moment you do so, you will ruin everything.

  • Know his interests:

If you are still unsure how do you get a boy to like you, then you must know what interests him. If it is sports or science or movies or cars – do a bit of homework. It is an amazing idea to start conversation with him regarding the subject that he likes. It will compel him to spend more time with you and you never know he might leave that dumb competitor of yours and have serious interest in you because of his comfort with you for having similar interests. Even if you are not really interested in what he likes, what is wrong in pretending?

A tip:

Whatever you do, do not look desperate at any moment. It will simply turn him off and all your hard work will be wasted. These tips are jotted down for your help and the women who have succeeded in making their dream man like them back, have admitted that these are the most effective tricks. The best part is that the guys would never get to know that these are the ways how do you get a boy to like you. So, buck up and pull your socks up and you will surely win.